Exercise your insides!

When I injured my knee, I tried everything to heal, finally finding relief through physical therapy. For lasting knee health, I needed to retrain the muscles that were causing the problem. Why is it that when I had digestive issues I was given medication but was never taught to retrain the muscles that were causing the problems? There is no such thing as physical therapy for the insides, outside of speech and respiratory therapy, which are usually not prescribed for common issues like reflux and vocal fatigue. As I sought to rehabilitate my digestive muscles, I realized my insides could and should be exercised just like the rest of my body. Humans need to workout their insides, just like they need to workout at the gym. For optimal health, our guts need to hum along.

Through regular exercise of my inner musculature, I have attained almost total freedom from reflux and gastro issues. I am able to sleep better, sing better, and my aches and pains have become more manageable.

Humming Guts Fitness is a website dedicated to helping others find information on how to exercise their insides. There are tons of free YouTube videos that offer exercises  for face muscles, mouth muscles, throat muscles, the core, the diaphragm, and the pelvic floor. Humming Guts gathers and organizes the best of these videos with the hopes that everyone will find relief from common internal issue.