Why work on swallowing?

Exercising the function of swallowing helps to keep the body from confusing it with breathing and singing. A healthy swallow also helps to tone the pharyngeal space in the back of the throat, which aids with singing and speech. The great thing about swallowing exercises is that they can be completed almost anywhere at anytime, and they are relatively quiet. You might get funny looks if you do them in public, but your insides will thank you.

Swallowing Exercises

Below are some digestion-specific exercises that I have found helpful. I’ve had great relief with diaphragm pulling, in particular. I also notice an improvement in my breathing after pulling.

Exercises for Food Processing
Self-Massage for Reflux, John Duolliard
Reflux Diaphragm Reset, Backstage
Diaphragm Pulling for better digestion, John Duolliard
Intestine Exercise for digestion, Life Particle TV
Yoga Exercise for digestion, anadayoga
​Hiatal Hernia Yoga for GERD, Monica Yearwood
Hiatal Hernia Exercises, Dr. David Williams
Hiatal Hernia self-massage, MastertheBody​


These are great exercises for everyone, not just those suffering from incontinence, diarrhea, or constipation.

Elimination Exercises
Kegels for Bladder Control, WaysAndHow
Exercises for Incontinence, Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa
Yoga for Diarrhea, Wikitechy Health and Entertainment
Yoga to Help Constipation, Yoga Lifestyle with Melissa
Movements to Relieve Constipation, SittingSolution TV

Supplements for Digestion

When digestion gets really rough, I turn to a few supplements for relief. Consult a physician before adding any supplements to your diet.

  • Probiotic – 10 strains, 20 billion live cultures. For daily digestive maintenance.
  • Iberogast – I swear by this stuff. Website says is good for IBS and overall indigestion.
  • Ginger – I take 500mg at night to soothe “silent” reflux. Sometimes I take 500mg in the morning as well.
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