Why Humming Guts Emphasizes Posture

Posture is the foundation of health. It affects everything about our bodies—the way we walk, the alignment of our organs, the pathway of our breath. EVERYTHING. Poor posture will eventually cause pain, injury, and dysfunction within the body.

The Best Part About Postural Work


Core and Strengthening Videos

Best Core Exercises to Protect Lower Back, GuerrillaZen
Fitness Blender Pilates
 – 1 hour, full body
Ange’s Upper Body Pilates Workout – 30 Minutes (advanced)
Core and Total Body Workout, Yoga with Tim – 26 minutes, full body
Ange’s Pilates Back Strengthening Workout (30 Minutes)
Pop Pilates Back Attack – 13 minutes
Pallof Press, Girls Gone Strong – A great anti-rotational core move
Hanging Hollow Hold
Abdominal Vacuum, ATHLEAN-X
Fifteen-Minute Pilates Hip Opening, Freshly Centered
Seven Way Hips, Prolific Athlete
Hip Hitch for Gluteus Medius and TFL, HealthQuarters
Clamshell for Gluteus Medius, PhysioPlusHG
Teaser 1,2,3, PilatesMammaSD
How to do Teaser 4, Howcast
Pilates Roll-Up, Howcast
Pilates Swan Dive, PilatesAnytime – For back strength (advanced)
Three Hardest Core Exercises, Calisthenicmovement 
Calisthenic Training for Beginners – Calisthenic Movement

Stretch Videos

Total Body Stretch, Yoga with Tim – 13 Minutes
Total Body Deep Stretch, Millionaire Hoy – 30 minutes
Calming Total Body Stretch, Fitness Blender – 15 minutes
15-Minute Post-workout Stretch, Five Parks Yoga
Spinal Twist, 4 Variations, Natural Body Detox  – 5 minutes

Postpartum Exercises

Women who have recently given birth can benefit from many Humming Guts exercises, especially those that target breathing and the pelvic floor. Use caution with any movements that stretch the abdomen. Avoid working the abs for at least four months after giving birth. Always consult your doctor before adding new exercises to your routine. Here are some postpartum-specific exercises.

Diastasis Recti Exercises
Postpartum Pilates Workout
Abdominal Repair
Pelvic Floor Therapy for Beginners, Michelle Kenway

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