Speech and Singing

A healthy speaking voice is not only a sign of humming guts, but it can also be a good attribute for your career. Anyone who talks all day at work has probably experiences vocal fatigue or strain at some point in their lives. This exercises on this page focus on the basics of articulation. For the fullest speech benefits, I recommend working on breathing and singing alongside of these exercises.

Rachel’s English Mini-course on Articulation
Jaw Relaxation Exercises, Rachel’s English
Tongue Relaxation Exercises, Rachel’s English
Lips Relaxation Exercises, Rachel’s English
Soft Palate Exercises, Rachel’s English
Neck and Throat Relaxation, Rachel’s English

Full Body Voice Warmup Series from National Theater Discover
Part 1 – Breathing
Part 2 – Resonance
Part 3 – Opening the Voice Up
Part 4 – Articulation


Singing – It’s For Everyone!
Everyone should sing, not just singers. Singing is the swimming of internal fitness. It works and benefits the entire body.  Just how far you want to take your singing is up to you. Some people may be happy with a basic level of functioning, while others might want to attain Michael Phelps-level accomplishment.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite singing exercises below, and I’ve tried to stick to videos that cover the basics. If you want to take it further, then by all means, binge watch the other instructional videos on YouTube. Not all YouTube instruction is created equal. The videos I’ve included are from channels that I have benefited from. Among my favorite YouTube channels for singing are Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials, singwisevocals, EricArceneaux, and Jeff Rolka.

And of course, do the exercises for breathing, speech, and swallowing. Singing uses the muscles that also aid in these other functions. Separating and strengthening these functions will only enhance your singing.

See my page on the topic.

Vocal Health Self-Assessment
Daily Exercise for Vocal Health and Repair, Voice Lesson.com

Balance , Ease and, Eliminating Strain
Self-massage Series for larynx, tongue, neck, hyoid, and jaw, Andrew Byrne (watch all five videos)
The Coordinated Voice, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
​Release Throat Tension, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
​Less Constriction, More Freedom, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
Relax Jaw and Larynx, and Open the Throat, DotsVoiceStudios
​Releasing Tongue Tension, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials

Developing the Twanger, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
Alien Exercise, Tom Burke
Twang Mini-series from singwisevocals
Part 1 
 Part 2
Part 3

Smoothing the Bridge, Break, or Passagio
Smoothing Vocal Breaks, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
Bridge the Registers, singwisevocals

Messa di voce, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
Belting Exercises, Backstage with Andrew Byrne

See my page on Speech.

Riffs, Runs, and Control – Part 1, Eric Arceneaux
Riffs, Runs, and Control – Part 2, Eric Arceneaux
Riffs, Runs, and Control – Part 3, Eric Arceneaux

Vocal Warmup Routines
Exercises for Beginners, Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
Gentle Warmup for Everyone, Jeff Rolka – Jeff’s channel is my favorite. Professional and effective instruction.
Power to Sing – I love that Chuck has separate files for women/children and men.
Easy Five-minute Routine, Voice Lesson.com
Ten-minute, Beginner Warmup, Aussie Vocal Coach
Short Warmup, Voice Lesson.com

Warmup Mini-series from Eric Arceneaux
Part 1– Opening Up the Voice
Part 2 – Increasing Range
Part 3 – Improve Tone and Free Voice
Part 4 – Strengthening the Voice

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