What is Humming Guts?

What is Humming Guts?

Humming Guts Fitness is an exercise system that trains the muscles that carry out the internal functions of digestion, respiration, swallowing, and vocalization. The routines target the diaphragm, pelvic floor, tongue, intestines, throat, and face. Posture is also emphasized, as the alignment of the insides impacts how they function.


Can Humming Guts workouts replace my regular exercise?

Humming Guts exercises and routines are not intended to replace daily workouts, but rather to supplement a healthy lifestyle. Many guts exercises can be slipped into daily life, and many of the routines are designed to be short warmups or add-ons to preexisting exercise routines.


Why should I exercise my guts?

We go to physical therapy for back pain, but doctors rarely prescribe exercises to help relieve internal issues. Outside of yoga classes and specialized medical therapies, we aren’t taught how to exercise our insides. Internal workouts just aren’t a thing.

But our internal musculature constantly serves our bodily functions. I don’t wait until I have knee pain to strengthen my legs. I do leg work weekly in order to keep my knees free of pain. Why not work out my insides to keep my guts humming as they should?


The Goal of Humming Guts Routines

In order for any muscle to function properly, it must remember its actual function. It must also healthily contract and relax. Muscles often become weak or overly developed. They start to take over functions for other muscles, or they conflate their function with other muscles. Over time, they “forget” their actual function. ​The goal of Humming Guts routines is to encourage internal muscle systems to separate their functions and to work as they were uniquely designed to do. Guts exercises remind our insides to hum along.